Vendors at the Endless Mountains Fiber Festival offer a wide variety of raw and processed natural fibers. Some of the fibers you can expect to find include those from sheep, alpaca, llama, angora rabbits, goats and more!

Fiber-enthusiasts will be delighted with the high-quality and unique products from the local farms and artisans of Pennsylvania as well as those of surrounding regions and states. You’ll find fleece, roving, yarn, handmade and handcrafted items, finished garments, and everything you need for knitting, crochet, spinning, weaving and felting. The relaxed atmosphere of the festival allows you to chat with vendors about how their products are produced and talk to the breeders of fiber animals that are on display or for sale and learn where the fibers come from.

Aboundingful Farm

We are mother and daughter, raising French & Satin Angora Rabbits, rare breed Leicester Longwool & Romeldale/CVM Sheep, Angora Goats & a few other non-fiber critters. We love getting people addicted to spinning by demonstrating and teaching the drop spindle to anyone interested. Aboundingful Farm is a PA Preferred Farm & Shave ’em to Save ’em provider.

Items available for sale: French and Satin Angora rabbits. Raw fleece, washed locks (natural and dyed), roving, handspun yarns from our flock and millspun yarn, drop spindle kits, small gift items, “Knitting in Progress” pins,” “Angora Bunny”pins, needle felted ornaments and other handmade items from our flock.

In booth demo: Drop spindling, Spinning Angora and/or Mohair

Website: aboundingfulfarm.com

Facebook: aboundingfulfarm

Ahh ThriftyWorks Fiber & Yarns LLC

I have knit since I was 10 years old. Crochet, quilts, pysanky eggs, you name it, I tried it. A friend got me spinning 9 years ago, it is a good addiction – you are not alone – you have people to help you. Hobbies keep us going.

Items available for sale: Handspun yarns, knit, hats, scarves, cowls, upcycled, shawls, purses, Smittens, Pysanky Jewlery, felts, fiber, batts, roving, fleeces, hand knitting supplies

Facebook: Ahh Thriftyworks Fibers & Yarns

Alpacalachin Fashions

Alpacalachin Farms & Fashion have been raising alpacas and harvesting fleece for 20 years. We have educated ourselves to be able to make extremely soft alpaca products with the finest alpaca fiber we can produce.

Items available for sale: Roving, Yarn, Socks, Hats, Mittens & Gloves, Scarves, Shawls, Teddy Bears, all things Alpaca!

Website: alpacalachin.com

Amy’s Trinket Shop

I make handmade glass bead stitch markers, beads are sourced from around the world

Items available for sale: Stitch Markers, fiber tools, hand knitting supplies, buttons, beads, shawl pins

Etsy Shop: AmysTrinketShop

Ancient Threads Farm

Ancient Threads Farm really started in 1996 with two free sheep of indeterminate breed and a small patch of land. In 2003, Ancient Threads formally became a business when we purchased a carder and went into the carding business, processing our own and customers wool and other animal fibers into roving and batts. Later we added dyed roving and dyed merino sock yarn. We got out of the carding business officially in 2006, sold the carder, but continued to dabble in the dyed yarn and natural roving business. Now located in Upstate NY we raise Shetland, Icelandic and Tunis sheep. Ancient Threads Farm is a Shave ’em to Save ’em provider

Items available for sale: Dyed and Natural colored roving, Natural and acid dyed millspun yarns from our flock. Hand knitting supplies

In booth demo: Circular sock machine, needle felting.

Website: ancientthreadsfarm.com

Facebook: Ancient Threads Farm

Art and Function

Art and Function is dedicated to creating unique, stylish and beautiful things for people’s everyday life.

Items available for sale: Traditionial Ukrainian and contemporary beadwork bracelets, necklaces, earrings, eggs and ornaments. Handspun and millspun yarns and processed fibers, dryer balls, natural handmade soaps. Handmade pottery.

Website: http://artandfunction.us/

Bauer Family Farm​​

Located along the the Susquehanna River, our farm started with 2 sheep and soon added other animals such as llamas, chickens, angora rabbits and more sheep. Linda met a group of spinners at the 2004 PA Farm Show, and has been spinning ever since. She enjoys other forms of fiber art such as: dying, weaving, knitting and felting.
Her daughter is also a fiber enthusiast. When she is not testing out new patterns on her loom she can be found making yarn on her drop spindle.

Items available for sale: dyed wool and wool-blend roving, a large variety of natural roving including exotics, handspun, drop spindles, lazy kates, warping boards, blending boards stitch markers, and fiber jewelry.

In booth demo: Spinning throughout the weekend. Saturday afternoon- Using a blending board

Website: bauerfamilyfarm.webs.com

Facebook: Bauer Family Farm

Bohlayer’s Orchards

Bohlayer’s Orchard raises a flock of over 90 Romeldale/CVM sheep, a rare breed listed as threatened by the Livestock Conservancy. Romeldale/CVM are a dual purpose breed and provide wool in a wide range of colors including white, grays, browns and black. Bohlayer’s Orchard is a Shave ’em to Save ’em Provider.

Items available for sale: Felted wool dog coats. Millspun yarn and roving. Wool pillows, coasters, zipper bags, ornaments

Website: bohlayersorchards.com/

Facebook: BohlayersOrchards

By Your Light Designs

I live in NEPA with my husband , John and our two cats! Our two boys are grown with families of their own and we are known as Poppy and Nana now. My love of wool started in 2015 when I felt a nudging from the Lord to turn my many drawings into patterns for others to enjoy. My company, By Your Light Designs was born, using my patterns to do wool applique. I hope they bring as much joy to others as they do me.

Items available for sale: Wool applique Patterns and books. Chenille needles, wool scissors, soft fuse fusing mats. Kits that go with patterns – contains 100% felted wool.

Website: byyourlightdesigns.com

Facebook: By Your Light Designs

Cherry Hill Pottery

Items available for sale: Wheel thrown functional pottery with Celtic and animal motifs. Buttons, Beads, Shawl Pins.

Classy Candle Design

I’m Diane from Colts Neck NJ. I have a very small farm with one horse and 2 sheep. I started creating soy candles during covid and I love having a small business.

Items available for sale: Soy candles and charms.

Facebook: Classy Candle Design

Etsy: ClassyCandleDesign

Cloverleaf Alpacas

​Cloverleaf Alpacas is located in Lancaster County PA. In the Alpaca world we are known as the owner of Man of Steel. He was the judge’s choice award a couple of years ago at MAPACA. Since then he has had many dates and several cria on the ground. We breed for quality and sell both fiber, pet and quality breeding alpacas. Cloverleaf Alpacas is a PA Preferred Farm.

Items available for sale: Millspun yarns, handspun yarns, Commercial yarns, roving, finished garments and accessories. Fiber products sourced from our farm

In booth demo: Will be spinning on wheel as time permits.

Facebook: Cloverleaf Alpacas

Eileen Colligan

Eileen is a rug hooker, rug braider and master at wool applique. She designs pennyrugs and other wool crafts.

In booth demo: Rug braiding. How to start a round rug.

Items available for sale: Braided and hooked rugs, wool penny rugs, wool applique kits, wool wreaths and woolcrafts. Braiding supplies, patterns and books.

Fat Yellow Dog Farm

I fell in love with wet felting 20 years ago, and have since added needle felting to that. My first lesson was at my local historical society with a woman raised in Finland – we made slippers and I’ve been felting ever since. I use beautiful material made out of natural animal fibers. I use the best quality sheep wool (mostly merino), combined with silk, mohair, alpaca- all hand dyed- even yarns and angelina fibers to make hats, scarves, vests and vessels. Using these materials, soapy water and friction (rolling the wet fibers), ” felting magic” happens and a sturdy non woven fabric is created.

In booth demo: Spinning on a wheel

Items available for sale: Finished garments and accessories. Hand dyed wet felted hats, vessels, cat play balls. Hand dyed silk scarves, needle felted ornaments and Nuno scarves.

Fox Hollow Farm

Fox Hollow Farm is Located in beautiful Lancaster County, Pennsylvania where they breed and raise Bluefaced Leicester sheep which in turn provide fleeces, roving and yarn from the flock. As a working artist Nancy often turns her brush to sheep art and farm scenes. She has recently published a book, “Baaa-d Sheep Jokes; The Come-Bleat Collection”

Items available for sale: Sheep artwork. Millspun, and handspun yarns, roving, fleeces sourced from the flock. Sheepskins. Some Antique Fiber tools. Finished garments such as gloves, scarves & hats

In booth demo: Spinning throughout the weekend

Website: foxhollowsheep.com

Frog it! Yarns

We are a husband & wife team that started a mobile yarn shop. Who wouldn’t be excited to have a whole trailer of yarn to choose from? We have recently developed our own line of hand-dyed yarn that we dye ourselves. We love being able to travel together to shows and meeting our customers in person.

Items available for sale: Millspun yarns, commercial yarns, patterns and books, hand knitting supplies, crochet supplies

Website: frogityarns.com

Facebook: Frog it Yarns

Instagram: frogityarns

Galiana Creations LLC

Galiana (Golly-on-a) Creations is a family owned and operated business. The name is a combination of our first names: Gaby makes most of the items that are for sale on our site such as the reversible bibs and the hand dyed yarn. Greg is in charge of designing the logos, updating the website, marketing and the day to day operations.
Lila (Gaby’s mother) has several years of experience as a seamstress and helps out with the bibs and specialty items such as bags, baby blankets and a number of other items.

Items available for sale: hand dyed yarns, needles, stitchmarkers

​Website: galianacreations.weebly.com

Facebook: Galiana Creations

Etsy: galianacreations

Instagram: galianacreations

Glenfiddich Wool

At Glenfiddich Wool in Millerton, PA we raise, wash and dye our own wool from our Border Leicester Sheep. Kathleen England and Barb Condon are the “workers” behind the beautiful yarns, colors and original designs of Glenfiddich Wool. The wool comes “fresh from the farm”, and we use very “Earth Friendly” techniques for our beautiful products. We love the Border Leicester Sheep for their easy disposition, wool and mild tasting meat. They are the perfect breed for our hill farm.

Items available for sale: Millspun, Handspun and commercial yarns, roving and fleece from our farm. Patterns and books, knitting supplies. Finished garments and accessories such as sweaters and hats.

In booth demo: We will be knitting throughout the weekend. We are happy to help if you have questions about your projects.

Facebook: Glenfiddich Wool

Holly Road Fiber Farm

Established in 2006, raising registered colored angora goats, we started out with two angora does, for their fiber for our personal use. They quickly warmed up to us and the story goes from there. We now have dozens of colored angoras. Our farm is thirteen acres, located in Pennsylvania, most of which is covered by scrub brush; to a goat it couldn’t get any better. That’s a win-win for all. We are reclaiming the forest in a natural and non-invasive way and the goats are enjoying all the brush that they could possibly eat.

Items available for sale: Millspun yarns and roving sourced from our flock, felting supplies, patterns and books, shawls, tablecloths. We specialize in yarns and needles for the lace knitter, but carry other knitting supplies as well.

Facebook: Holly Road Fiber Farm

Homespun Felts

I’m Lisa of Homespun Felts and I’m a self taught fiber and polymer clay artist whos miniature dolls and whimsical wool felted creations have been displayed and sold at craft shows, galleries, and online stores for 17 years. I makes everything by hand, working at the kitchen table around my big busy family’s schedule. Dolls and woolen creatures are completely hand sculpted and original, I never use molds or forms of any kind. I have such fun making them for your enjoyment.

Items available for sale: Homespun Felts has fun and whimsical, one of a kind needle felted wool sculptures. Needle felted seasonal decor, and custom needle felted pet sculptures and miniature hand sculpted clay dolls with wool accents.

Facebook: Homespun Felts

Etsy: homespunfelts

Karen’s Kreations

I learned to knit and crochet as a teenager and have been “kreating” ever since. Spinning wool and creating my own yarn for almost 40 years. Addicting pastime!

Items available for sale: Handspun yarns, commercial yarns, roving, finished garments and/or accessories, hand knitting supplies, crochet supplies

Lazy Meadows Alpacas & Fiber Mill

Lazy Meadows Alpacas & Fiber Mill is located just outside Hughesville, PA.
We have raised Alpacas for almost 12 years and in 2021 we celebrated 10 years of owning our fiber mill and producing yarn for customers around the USA. It has been a wonderful journey of meeting great people, blessed with processing a variety of fibers, learning new techniques and creating unique products that are eye catching. The focus of our mill is to create a high quality product from your fiber. In addition to the fiber mill, we also have our own shop on the farm.

Items available for sale: Millspun yarns, roving, weaving supplies, felting supplies a variety of wonderfully warm and affordable alpaca products, cozy socks. Hats, scarves, gloves, ponchos, mittens, plush teddy bears and so much more made with alpaca and alpaca blends. Besides our alpaca products we also will have honey.

Website: Lazymeadowsalpacas.com

Lazy O’ Ranch

We are located in the mountains of central PA. We own a small herd of sheep that are like family. From our herd we have farm yarn and fiber products made.

Items available for sale: Millspun yarns, roving, fiber tools such as nostepinne, drop spindles, yarn bowls, shawl keys.

Website: lazyosheepranch.com

Facebook: Lazy-O-Ranch

Linda Beiler: Wheat Art

Wheat weaving is a folk art which celebrates a successful harvest. Straw designs were made at the end of the harvest with the belief a spirit caused the grain to grow. I was introduced to wheat weaving in 1994, learning techniques from books. I was drawn to the concept of using wheat to create unique designs. I join with today’s straw artists as a continuance of an art form which is perhaps as old as civilization itself. Some of my designs are traditional while others are my own designs.

Items available for sale: Wheat weavings and straw art

Little Crick Farm

Little Crick Farm is mainly an organic 100% grassfed based dairy and beef farm. However we also enjoy creating a variety of home decorations such as woven rag rugs and table runners, woolen penny rugs, and needle felted objects.

Items available for sale: Finished garments or accessories, fiber products sourced from our farm. Soap made with grassfed tallow.

In Booth Demo: We will be having a free make & take wool applique candle mat. Supplies are provided and prep-work is done for you to sew it together – come join us to create something fun

Marushka Farms

​​Marushka Farms is home to the largest registered flock of Romeldale CVM sheep, a heritage breed on the conservation priority list of the livestock conservancy. Marie started this flock in 2008 after purchasing a farm that had been in the Emmitt family for 5 generations. The sheep have made great strides in restoring the soil after years of conventual crops. The fleeces provide a pleasant fiber experience for everyone. Marushka Farms is a Shave ’em to Save ’em provider.

Items available for sale: Millspun yarn, roving and fleeces sourced from our own farm. Fiber tools, patterns and books, finished garments and accessories, spinning/weaving supplies and felting supplies.

Website: marushkafarms.com

Facebook: Marushka Farms

Molly Girl Yarn

MollyGirl is an independent yarn company with a focus on domestically produced, custom-blended yarns in rockin’ colors. Almost all of our yarns are designed by CEO Angela and produced right here in the USA exclusively for MollyGirl. We offer yarns starting at a wide range of price points to make our hand-dyed yarn accessible to as many people as we can, and we are a carbon neutral company thanks to our partnership with Ecologi.

Items available for sale: Millspun yarns, patterns and books, handknitting supplies, crochet supplies.

Website: mollygirlyarn.com

Moose in the Meadow Farm

Moose in the meadow’s finnsheep produce a fine soft wool. With a staple length or 3-6 inches Finn is a joy to spin, and felts beautifully. This year we are teaming up with Amy Cook at Sweetland Hill Finnsheep to bring you a wide range of natural and hand dyed roving as well as millspun yarn. Like you we love to knit, weave, felt, spin and sew.

Items available for sale: Millspun Yarns, roving, fleeces, fiber products sourced from our farm, felting supplies. Handmade purses, scarves, mittens and home decor items.

Etsy: MooseMeadowCreations

Mountain Yarns

Mountain Yarns is located in the Catskill Mountains NY. I have a small farm that has 3 goats which supply milk for cheese, yougart, soap and lotion. I have a fiber arts studio where I get to play a few days a week creating one of a kind fiber arts. I spin, dye fiber, rug hook, weave and teach all of the above.

Items available for sale: Finished garments or accessories, roving, millspun and handspun yarns.

Facebook: Mountain Yarns

In Booth Demo: Rug Hooking

New Era Cabin Creations

I love all things fiber and take pleasure in sharing them. From raw fleece to finished products I find each process enjoyable. While I have no animals of my own (except chickens and dogs and they don’t count here) I have many friends with sheep and alpacas. From them I get most of my fleece as well as promoting the Livestock Conservancy’s SE2SE initiative by purchasing fleece or roving from their providers. I have been spinning, dyeing, knitting, felting and weaving for over 15 years. I enjoy working on all my crafts in my cabin in New Era, PA.

Items available for sale: Roving, handspun yarn, fiber tools, knit items such as hats, scarves, shawls or mitts, felted dryer balls, woven items such as shawls, scarves, placemats and tea towels. ​Buttons, beads, shawl pins. Spinning/weaving supplies, patterns and books.

In Booth Demo: Spinning

Facebook: New Era Cabin Creations

Etsy: NewEraCabinCreations

Painted Horse Farm

I am mainly a basket weaver and make baskets specifically for fiber works. I incorporate gourds, driftwood and felted objects into my baskets.

Items available for sale: Baskets for wool and fiber tools, large wool drying basket and small baskets & yarn bowls. Fibertools such as small looms, shuttles and spindles.

Painted Spring Farm

I’ve been raising and selling alpacas for over 20 years. I breed and sell the animals but have always been most interested in the fiber production and what I can do with it. Painted Spring Farm is a PA Preferred Farm.

Items available for sale: Millspun yarn, handspun yarn, commercial yarn, roving from fiber sourced from our farm.

In Booth Demo: Spinning or weaving as time allows

Website: paintedspring.com

Facebook: Painted Spring Farm Alpacas

Etsy: Paintedspring

Peachy Feet by Roz

Items available for sale: beautiful hand cranked socks made on a 1924 antique knitting machine, hand knitted and crocheted hats and scarves.

Facebook: Peachy Feet by Roz


I wanted to play with ALL the colors! Naturally this resulted in a huge fiber surplus, and so, PhiFiber became a great way to share my love of color. We have roving for spinners and felters. We’ll be happy to share all the geeky fiber knowledge we have.

In Booth Demo: Spinning as time permits

Items available for sale: Dyed roving, fiber tools, spinning/weaving supplies, felting supplies, handwovern shawls. We may have a few new or used spinning wheels.

Facebook: PhiFiber

Etsy: PhiFiber

Provenance Fiber/Wooligans Farm

Two businesses owned by fiber obsessed women! We have been passionate about fiber for 50 years and love inspiring others. We spin, weave, knit, crochet, and felt, our businesses are an extension of that. We are happy to talk fiber anytime and enable all.

Items available for sale: Millspun yarn, handspun yarn, commercial yarn, roving, fiber tools, finished garments and accessories, spinning/weaving supplies, felting supplies, buttons beads, shawl pins.

In Booth Demo: Spinning and weaving demonstrations throughout the day.

Rebel Acres Farm

We started with sheep while in 4-H in MD. We brought a small flock when we moved from MD to NY. One of our ewes gave birth while my husband was still in MD, I learned to do a lot on my own during that time. We have a mixture of sheep & angora goats.

Items available for sale: Fiber products sources from our farm, hats & socks from woolen mill, roving, fleeces, mill spun yarn.

Shadeyside Fibers LLC

We have raised Border Leicester Cross sheep for over 30 years, both white and natural colors, selling their wool as raw fleece, multi-colored dyed fibers, carded fibers and yarns. We also have fibers and yarns from around the world for handspinners, knitters, felters, weavers and all fiber artists. We specialize in small batch rainbow-dyed fibers and yarns

Items available for sale: Millspun yarn, handspun yarn, roving and fiber products sourced from our farm.

Website: shadeysidefibers.com

Shadowberry Farm Alpacas

We downsized and sold our farm, but continue to own our alpaca herd which is boarded at another farm. Although they are no longer part of my daily life, working with their fiber is. Shadowberry Farm is a PA Preferred Business

Items available for sale: Millspun yarn, commercial yarn, fiber products sourced from our farm.

Shepherd’s Custom Woodworking​​

​For more than10 years we have been making and selling hand crafted fiber tools to you, our friends and valued customers. We craft heirloom quality fiber tools at an affordable price. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Ask! We do special orders!

Items available for sale: Wooden tools and accessories for yarn and fiber craft. Exotic hardwood knitting needles, crochet hooks, weaving supplies, yarn bowls and drop spindles and so much more.

Website: shepherdswoodworking.com

Facebook: Shepherd’s Woodworking

Snowy Oaks Llamas & Fibers

​SnowyOaks is located across from Elk Mountain in Susquehanna County, PA. We have have fiber, guard and companion Llamas.

Items available for sale: Raw fleece, roving and yarn. Our yarns are natural in color and 2ply sport weight. Our yarns can be easily dyed if specific color is what you desire. In addition we have needle felting supplies along with a variety of colorful roving for your felting projects.

Spice O’Life Farm​

We bought a farm to raise horses, when they aged out and my husband retired, we decided to raise sheep, Icelandics. Then I discovered Bluefaced Leicesters. We have 2 dogs to guard the sheep, chickens, ducks and geese. I spin and knit.

Items available for sale: Handspun yarns, roving and fleeces sources from our flock. Finished items: sweaters, hats, scarves, bags.

Facebook: Spice O’ Life Farm

Spinner’s Web​​

Spinner’s Web is a local spinning guild. At the festival you find members demonstrating spinning in their booth and in the Main Arena.

Items available for sale: We will have hand spun yarns, roving, and fiber tools as well as finished garments and accessories.

Terry’s House of Hats

I have Finn and Texal/Finn and a Southdown sheep. I process and spin my wool by hand.

Items available for sale: Hats for everyone, shawls and scarves. Hand spun yarn and roving.

Facebook: Terry’s House of Hats and More

The Ewe and I Farm

Ewe and I Farm started over 30 years ago. Myrtle has been raising sheep since she was 11 years old. Currently, she cares for over 50 Jacob and Montadale sheep combine. Myrtle has her own spinning wheel and she makes her own wool hats, scarves, homespun yarn and dryer balls.

Items available for sale: Fleece, roving, yarns, pelts and finished products from our flock of Jacob and Montadale Sheep.

Facebook: Ewe and I Farm

The Felted Fiberess

I learned to felt and spin yarn through our guild “southern tier lamb to loom” and loved it so much I was immediately hooked. I started creating & haven’t stopped! I love to try new ideas and techniques to bring my felting creations to life. Incorporating sculpture with fiber is my obsession.

Items available for sale: Felted animals, home decor & hats. Felting kits, woven scarves and shawl pins. Handspun yarns.

Facebook: The Felted Fiberess

In booth demo: Felting

The Sheepyshire

The Sheepyshire started in 2012 as a small operation running out of my father-in-law’s kitchen and has grown into a husband & wife business with a proper dyeing area as of February 2021. We hope to grow enough in order to open up a brick and mortar store so that we may be able to interact more directly with our customers. We both create new colorways, dye, pack, and ship our yarn from Northeast Pennsylvania. Recently I have started to work on designing knitting patterns and have introduced a 100% made in USA yarn (Upstate DK).

Items available for sale: Hand dyed yarns in various weights and fibers, kits.

Website: thesheepyshire.com

Facebook: The Sheepyshire

Instagram: thesheepyshire

Whispering Willows Homestead​​​

We are a hobby farmette; raising Angora Goats for their fleece to be processed for local artists to knit, crochet, and weave. The beautiful historic stone and wood homestead has been dated back to 1741.

Items available for sale: Mohair roving and fleeces from our farm, along with millspun yarns and finished knit pullover sweaters. Baskets.

Facebook: Whispering Willows Homestead

Wilt’s Woolens

I saw an antique sock knitting machine in operation at a fiber festival many years ago. I decided I “needed” one. Socks in brights are my favorite but dislike handknitting them. I finally found working machine and my journey began!

Items available for sale:

In booth demo: Come watch a 114 year old circular sock knitting machine in action cranking out socks. Learn the history of the machines that have been in existence since the civil war.