Annual Fleece Show & Sale


The Endless Mountains Fiber Festival is all about celebrating fiber animals and the marvelous things we can make with the natural fibers from the following animals: alpaca, goat, llama, rabbit and, of course, different breeds of sheep. Come take a stroll through the Fleece Sale area next to the Breed Display pens to see the fibers that become yarn and, eventually, some of the garments we wear.

The goal of the Fleece Sale is to make the lovely, diverse fibers from all of these animals available to fiber artists. We ask producers to “skirt” their fleeces (clean them of debris, vegetation, short-cuts from shearing and undesirable bits) and roll and bag them so you can carefully investigate them. If you are interested in purchasing a fleece but want to be certain of its quality, we will carefully unfold it for you to take a closer look. We try to discourage shepherds from entering fleeces that are defective but can’t promise that we catch all of these in the hectic process of registering the fleeces. Education Posters will help visitors learn about the different sheep breeds.

Not all fleeces will be entered in the show, but all fleeces entered will be for sale. The judging will occur after registration closes on Saturday morning but before the Fleece Sale opens. This way, the fleeces entered for judging will win ribbons, and the producers will receive the judges’ comments. Buyers take note: there may be high quality fleeces that are not entered in the show. Look over all fleeces in the categories that fit your needs.

Accepted fleeces will be categorized as Wool — Fine, Medium, Longwool or Double-Coated (typical of more ancient breeds) as well as classes for Llama, Alpaca, Mohair and Angora (rabbits). For judging, if ten fleeces of the same breed of sheep are entered, that breed will be a class of its own.


To save time complete the Farm Registration Form prior to your arrival, we will then have a triplicate copy for the Fleece Id form to fill out for each fleece listed on the farm registration form.


Fees For Sale Only — $1 for Festival Vendors / $3 for Non-vendors For Show and Sale — $3 for Festival Vendors / $5 for Non-vendors

Fleece Winners in each category will earn Premium money. 1st – $20.00 2nd – $15.00 3rd – $12.00

SHOW FLEECE CHECK-IN: Friday, September 6th – 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm

SALE ONLY FLEECE CHECK- IN (will not be judged, only for sale) Friday, September 6th, 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm OR Saturday, September 7th, 8:00 am – 9:30 am

2024 Farm Registration Form Coming Soon!
Choosing a Fleece

Congratulations to our 2023 Fleece Show Winners

Grand Champion Fleece: Good View Farm.
Reserve Champion: Alpacas in the Glen

Division Champions: Div. I (Natural Colored): Finally Able Farm
Div. II (White): Good View Farm Div. III (Breed): Alpacas in the Glen

Placement Awards:
Div. I (Natural Colored):
Fine Wool
1st Place: Finally Able Farm
2nd Place: Finally Able Farm
1st Place: Quinta Melo Gotlands 2nd Place: Quinta Melo Gotlands
3rd Place: Quinta Melo Gotlands

Div. II (White):
Medium Wool
1st Place: Good View Farm
2nd Place: Sweet Grass Farm
3rd Place: Pine Run Tunis Farm
1st Place: Good View Farm
2nd Place: Hill Top Farm
3rd Place: Hill Top Farm

Div. III
(Breed – Shetland):
1st Place: Sweet Grass Farm
2nd Place: Sweet Grass Farm
3rd Place: Sweet Grass Farm

1st Place: Alpacas in the Glen
2nd Place: Alpacas in the Glen
3rd Place: Alpacas in the Glen